It is the year 3000. You are a Galactic Paleobiologist of the First Strata. The super-Earth planet Magnus-3 has been seeded with millions of living dinosaurs. Elite Paleobiologists such as yourself are privately invited to shepherd true, living dinosaurs.

Dinosauria is a Solitaire 18 card microgame with an 18 card expansion allowing 2-3 players. This Deluxe Edition includes (Core) and the (Next Gen Expansion) bundled in the same box.

[Core] Components:
- 14 Dino Cards
- 4 Vita Cards
On the backs of the Vita are:

2 Colleagues (AI opponents for Solo Play, Easy & Normal)
- 1 Droid
- 1 Quick Reference Guide

[Next Gen] Components:
- 16 Dinos Cards
- 2 Vita Cards (for 1 extra Player)

On the backs of the Vita are:
- 2 Colleagues (AI opponents for Solo Play, Hard & Expert)

Your objective is to hatch 9 Baby Dinosaurs. You have 3 Actions each turn. With an Action, you can:
- Reserve a DinoRoll 3d6 to gain Vita (the game currency)
- Revive a Dino and release it into the Wild Zone
- Lay up to 3 Eggs
- Rotate revived Dinos to gain Vita

The first player to hatch the 9th baby dinosaur triggers the end of the game. Then scoring decides the winner.

The small box is quite sturdy, constructed with 1200g greyboard and a magnetic flip top lid, featuring an illustration of dinosaur eggs in the box interior.